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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Flower fairy garden tea set - cheap & cheerful the alternative to Polymer Fimo and oven clays the Butterfly Lullaby way

I love polymer Fimo clay and have used it for my other Butterfly Lullaby tea sets. The only problem is when you are finding things tough financially, it is an expensive modelling clay as you have to buy all the different colours, and you do not get very much for your money.

Here is a cheap bargain, alternative to oven based clays and self drying clays. Can you guess what I used? And how I made it? Would you like to find out how I made this gorgeous little miniature Butterfly Lullaby fairy flower tea set?

I personally love the look of this oven type modelling clay. It gives a lovely natural look for your fairy garden.

Leave me a comment. I have created videos on how to make this little fairy tea set and happy to share, but you have to subscribe to me on You Tube and on my Google Blog (and please leave me a message to let me know which of my crafts you are interested in.)

Butterfly Lullaby on You Tube (click link to see videos and subscribe)

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