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Thursday, 17 June 2010

How to make a frog using self drying clay, plastercine, Playdough, Polymer clay or home made stuff

When my little angel took her homemade frog into school she came back with a massive list of things to make for all her friends in her class. I thought it would be easier to upload a video so they can have a go at making a frog or something else them self. Also take a look at our real frogs in the other videos below.

How to make a frog using any type of clay, plastercine, Playdough or Polymer clay:

Our little frog floating on his apple boat in our garden:

Our tadpoles grew into baby frogs. Don't use tap water! We used rain water and kept them in our fish tank. Fish flakes are a good source of food for tadpoles. They get to go back outside when they have turned into frogs. Freedom!

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