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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Radio DJ Chris Evans favourite story about the Enchanted Manor Badgers eating Kellogg's Cornflakes

I just got a message from Maggie from the Enchanted Manor to tell me that Radio DJ Chris Evans loved the recent story in the paper about their Enchanted Manor Badgers eating Kellogg's Cornflakes. How exciting! We stayed at the Enchanted Manor last year and our little angel sat outside with Bob, Josephine Wall's husband watching the badgers tuck into their favourite meal. Well you know children, this was truly a magical time for her and Bob became her best friend "I miss Bob" was all we heard on the way home and how she missed the badgers. Here is our Enchanted Manor song based on the stunning retreat as well as Josephine Walls beautiful paintings. Badgers invite you to dinner at the Enchanted Manor see video below:

Please leave a comment! And if you would love to see real badgers then you must book a break at the Enchanted Manor. Ric and Maggie are so friendly and welcoming you end up feeling like family and you just do not want to leave. The Enchanted Manor Gardens as you can see in the video above are truly magical a real fairytale place with beautiful sea views. The accommodation is pure luxury and they have won numerous awards, which you can see on their website. They have also been on the TV show Under the Hammer, which is also on You Tube.


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