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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Welsh (UK) 4 year old children use knives and forks and eat peas / veg - please support Jamie Oliver so he can help children all over the world!

I would love Jamie Oliver to come to our Welsh school to see our little four year old children ask for peas! I work part time at our local Welsh School and one of my jobs is to lay out the knives and forks for all the children, starting from the age of four years old. They get given a good selection of vegetables, they have a salad bar, water, low fat milk and watered down fruit juice. The children love Ann's turkey curry with wholemeal rice.

After watching the programme on how Jamie Oliver hopes to change the eating habits of the American children (as he has done with our British children,) and how chicken nuggets are made "I am never, ever going to feed my child that rubbish again." Luckily she hates chips. Seeing what goes into chicken nuggets has put me off all ready meals, as you just do not know what is going into them. I feel very proud that my little girl loves Mum's homemade mash potato, peas, carrots and gravy. This is no ordinary gravy (it has goodness in it,) once tasted you will never go back again. Made the way my Nan showed me, even Ann our head cook at school was impressed. I will have to put a video on You Tube to show you how to make Nan's very, very, special gravy, which my little girl loves!

Here is a video dated 20 October 2009 from the Welsh Assembly Government who wanted to save our children and change their diet:

The one problem Mum's & Dad's (Mom's) are up against is time! Most Mum's have to work, their partners expect them to these days, which is fine if the man does his fair share around the house and they can still be their for their child (most important.) But lets face it not all men do a lot around the house! Mine most certainly doesn't! He seems to have a memory problem where he thinks the floor is the washing basket. It is too much hard work to actually pick up his clothes and put them in the washing basket, ha ha. You have to laugh as otherwise you would cry!

I personally feel I do not stop. If I am not working at the school, I am tidying up cleaning, washing, cooking, washing up, and having to cut the grass too (petrol mower, has to be seen to be believed.) I am reading with my little girl and trying to help her with he homework. I try to fit in my charity stuff around my Butterfly Lullaby business too. Relaxation, what is that? Some people if they don't want to do a job, they do it so badly that they do not get asked to do it again. I blame X-Box! He is addicted, but that is another story.

I wish their was a healthy meal you could just zap in the oven with no washing up etc. It is not about being lazy, it is about having the time to do everything yourself. I sometimes feel like a single parent so I understand what they go through. Today I am going to make change. No more ready meals. From now on all the meals my little one will get will be made from scratch. Time to get your apron on Mr X-Box as I am not doing everything all my self anymore!

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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Snowflake child artist looks like Fluffy the Zhu Zhu pet - Christmas wish list

Snowflake the little child artist looks like Fluffy the Zhu Zhu Pet children's toy. On her wish list for Christmas she hopes to get Fluffy as she will be company for our real pet rabbit Cindy Woo.

With Halloween coming up Snowflake would like me to make her a Cindy Woo black bunny rabbit costume. Only problem is my sewing machine conked out with the damp in the house. I will have to think of another way. We have already started on the black bunny rabbit Cindy Woo mask. So watch this space and see what type of children's costume we can create based on our pet rabbit.

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Tedi Twt goes to Borders to see the Butterfly Lullaby fairy book - Welsh Teddy Bear

Who is Tedi Twt you ask? Well all the school children know who he is, as they get to take him home, dress him up and take him on amazing adventures all round the world. Tedi Twt is the schools teddy bear. He has a bag full of clothes and a book for children to add their photos to and write about his adventures with them when they take him on outings out of school. He is one lucky Welsh Teddy Bear.

My little Angel took Tedi Twt to Borders a year or so ago to see my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby. This was of course before Borders went under. Here you can see him sitting next to my Butterfly Lullaby fairy book on the Borders book shelf in the Welsh book section. My little girl begged me to make Tedi Twt the Welsh teddy bear some PJ's so he could sleep by her side. So here they are yellow pixie PJ's with teddies pixi hat. I even made the toothbrush and cup.

I have been asked to attend the Universal Children's Day in Hastings on the 20th November 2010. There I will be putting on a Butterfly Lullaby show with dancing and singing and lots of pictures and stories created the Butterfly Lullaby way.

One story close to my heart is the Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy story, which was created purely to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis in the hope for a cure for Jodie and others like her. All money our end with no expenses take out will go to the charity from any audio downloads of this story. The Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy story is on Amazon and I Tunes.

Another story which I will be showing is the one read out by famous Robin Stevens who has over 30 years in Children's TV. That story is of course Colour me a fairies wish:

£1 per Butterfly Lullaby book goes to Cystic Fibrosis for Jodie and others like her. The book was printed in the UK, that is why it is impossible to compete with prices from major publishers like Disney. I sadly have no control over what some websites sell my books for. So when the book is sold for £9.99 (the retail price is £15 which is printed on the back) and I have to pay £3.50 to post the book to them to post out to their customer it makes it impossible to recoup the printing costs let alone the charity and postage, as I have their commission to pay as well. Although Cystic Fibrosis is always paid by me when I supply the book, I cannot comment on other sellers! £1 per book is meant to go to the charity when sold new or used. As my books were not paid for by Borders when they went under this does upset me!

It is a complement to see book sellers selling my books for £60/34 used. One book seller told me that he purchased a batch of books from a charity shop. Well that explains where they went as a local lady that does the craft circuit took a batch of books and my displays and has disappeared off the face of the earth. The same book sellers were advertising my book for £34 used this year, but after my Mother in law questioned them they reduced the price right down. The thing is I was not born yesterday, I know when I am being scammed! And I really do not like the fact that the charity is being exploited along the way!

Before the Butterfly Lullaby songs ended up on Amazon and I Tunes they were available on our website.
Over 30,000 hits the songs had last year. Jakson Lee has had over 64,000 plays on his original songs. The Butterfly Lullaby song along with no publicity has had over 19,000 plays. So we have most certainly done something right.

It is time for proper protection on the Internet, I will fight with everything I have and that is why I have taken a part time job that fits in with my little girls schooling. Anne (head chief) who I work with took one look at my Butterfly Lullaby book and said to my little girl "the book is amazing, look how talented your Mummy is, and here she is working in the kitchens." Anyone that sees the book, falls in love with the colourful fairy pictures straight away and wants to buy it. I have sold seven books by just showing it to four people at the school.

My blogs may be full of grammar errors etc, but when it comes to books, that is what you pay an editor for! And being dyslexic is a gift, it makes you use your creative side of the brain more and I think you will agree no one can say my work lacks colour or originality!

Here is the link to Jakson Lee's music page with the original Butterfly Lullaby song, so you can see just how many hits he has had. He has our albums on I Tunes and Amazon. So if you buy anything related to Butterfly Lullaby songs, stories, or other Jakson Lee songs, please leave me a message on my Google Blog, so I can thank you:

My Google blog will hopefully raise money to put towards getting little Jodie (Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes) to Disney, then I will use the money to go towards helping children with CF to have fun days out, before they get too sick to enjoy it!

Before I go, my little local story Aled and the black voice river will hopefully be translated into Welsh and made into an audio story to help raise money for our local schools. Where I work the canteen is in need of some tender care. I can visualise it full of children's art. Who knows it could end up as a Butterfly Lullaby art gallery for children.

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Monday, 20 September 2010

For mash gets smash, our children deserve real mash potato and we give them that in our UK schools, come on America we love you!

Jamie Oliver has to be admired. What he has done for the UK schools is amazing. I really hope with all my heart that all the American people, who we love, will support him on change.

America is an amazing country and we all love their films and culture. Being a Mum I know full well what it is like trying to juggle everything, and I hate cooking, because I have to tidy up afterwards! I had to laugh as I was talking to my friend on the phone this weekend and I asked her if she remembered the packet mash potato advert when we were kids "Mash gets smash." She giggled and said she made some that evening as she was late home and very hungry. I asked her what was it like, and she replied it tasted ok and that she enjoyed it. I then told her about Jamie Oliver and the packet mash in the American schools. I don't know anything about these products so cannot say what is good and what is bad for you, and would guess all products are different?

I am no saint, believe me I hate cooking and if I can find a quick way to make dinner quickly with no mess, I usually do. But Jamie has really made me think about things. I want my child to grow up healthy so I think I will see if I can get hold of one of his cookery books to make cooking faster and more fun. And as it is time for change, honey put your apron on and do the washing up!

I work part time in a local Welsh school now to fund my Butterfly Lullaby business, which is part charity, helping raise money for Cystic Fibrosis through some of my stories, like Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy. And I have to say I am amazed at some of the gadgets they have in the school kitchens. Totally amazing, could really do with these at home. There is a potato and carrot peeler, it also grates cheese and who knows what else. And a huge mash potato mixer. Making mash potato for a huge number of school kids is no big deal.

If I can get permission to get someone to video me making some in the school kitchen, I will. For me to say making mash potato for school children is easy, and I hate cooking, believe me it is easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Jamie Oliver, I wish you all the luck in the world in the USA. I felt very sad for you when I saw you cry on TV, but that just shows how much you care, and want to help save our children, and anyone with a heart has to admire that!

P.S. The mash gets smash advert still makes me giggle! The adverts are brilliant.

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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Holiday Cottage in Mumbles, stunning sea views from lounge, bedroom and garden

I met my friend at a craft fair a few years back. When I stayed at her beautiful cottage by the sea I was in total heaven. She used to take me on wonderful walks around Mumbles (Swansea) which is one place you have to visit as the sandy beaches are totally amazing. Mumbles (Swansea) is like New Zealand, so it is not surprising Catherine Zeta-Jones still comes home to visit. I actually saw Michael Douglas this year outside the children's outdoor swimming pool along the seafront near Mumbles. He was just going for a leisurely stroll.  When I was joking with my little girl he turned his head back and smiled.

Sadly my wonderful friend has moved back to England and is renting her cottage out as a holiday let by the sea. She has worked very hard on the cottage to get the 4 star grading. If you stay their you will not be disappointed. The views of the sea from the lounge, bedroom and garden are outstanding. And it is close by to Joe's famous Ice Cream. If you have not tried this Ice Cream yo have not lived! The best in the world! And that is coming from an English person.

I still cannot believe some idiot has stolen the Butterfly Lullaby fairy book she left for visitors to view at her wonderful holiday cottage. Honestly some people just have no morals!

Here is some video footage of my friends holiday cottage in Mumbles overlooking the stunning sea views from the front and back garden. Wish it was my home, the sea just blows away all your troubles and replaces it with pure tranquility:

http://www.cymylau.com/index.html   -   Tel: 07769 862 324

I hope you book my friends holiday cottage in Mumbles by the sea and you come and see me for some fairy magic!

I lived here in Swansea for three years before discovering the amazing Caswell Bay beach and Joe's Ice Cream.

Words cannot explain the excitement, I love New Zealand so finding this beach (Caswell Bay) was total heaven. Take a look at this link to a picture of Caswell Bay and you will understand why!


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Expensive Invisible Rabbit Fleas £55 vet bill - poor Cindy Woo, poor me!

Both my friend and I had been bitten badly by garden insects a few weeks back. Then we all got bitten! Garden insect bites is something I have always suffered from before having pets. Because my other friend had terrible cat fleas and had to spray the house etc my little girls friend put the garden insect bites down to flea bites. I remember years ago when I lived with my parents they had a terrible pet flea problem in the house from the dog. I had to get someone in to spray the house. The fleas jumped up on my feet and you could see them.  So I am somewhat confused to how our Cindy Woo has them as you certainly cannot see anything and their is nothing jumping in the carpet!

I always think well it is better to be safe than sorry, so off we all went to the vets. All the research I had done on the Internet pointed to the vet, so I thought we did not really have a choice. The vet examined Cindy Woo and could not see any rabbit fleas. While I was holding her a mark came up on my arm, which he thought was a flea bite. Being Asthmatic and having tests done in London re my animal allergies the mark looked exactly the same as the ones that came up when I had the animal tests. So I still was not convinced but thought well we definitely do not want rabbit fleas in the house so lets go with it. All I can say is there must be a cheaper alternative to getting rid of rabbit fleas, including invisible ones, as a £55 vet bill is just not what I was expecting, that is one hell of an expensive invisible flea! As for the mark on my arm well that disappeared quickly and did not itch, if flea bites are anything like garden insect bites then the bite on my arm was not a bite but purely an allergic reaction to the rabbit.

Cindy Woo our rabbit is a house pet because it rains quite a lot where we live, so it is an easy solution to me keeping my little girl happy. We keep our pet rabbit in the kitchen, not the best place, but the kitchen is big and the floor is easy to clean, and it is worth the sacrifice to see my little girl's face light up every morning when she tells Cindy Woo just how much she loves her. We don't have any other pets as both my little girl and I suffer from asthma and animals do set it off. Cindy Woo (our pet bunny rabbit) does make our eyes itch at times too. But seeing as we wash our hands every time we pick her up it keeps it at bay most of the time.

Cindy Woo is not allowed in the lounge because she likes to chew wires. So far she has eaten through the fridge wire, my little girls Nintendo DS, and the hoover wire. So now I have to block the fridge off by using our old kitchen table as we don't really want an electrified bunny rabbit!

What did I get for a £55 vet fee for invisible fleas? Well we got a spray to spray the whole house, which you have to leave for 6 hours and close all the windows. You have to leave the house of course for the full six hours, then go back in and open all the windows. This flea spray is called Acclaim, which is recommended by vets. I did not have to buy this spray, the vet did say that I could just hoover round the house and hoover everything. But lets face it Mum's (where do we get time to do that?) As it happens we don't need it as a friend of mine said leave a bowl of water on the carpet and the fleas will jump in and drown. As I thought no fleas! The spot on cost £14.23 for three doses. The vet consultation cost £21.00 for approx 10 minutes. And the Acclaim pet flea spray, which I did not have to buy cost £19.97. The vet put the spot on our pet bunny rabbit in three to four places on her back. I have to give her the other two doses two weeks apart from each other. The spot on packet has a picture of a dog on it! I have just looked at Pets at home and their dog spot on costs £4.79 for twelve weeks cover.

Think I should give up my day job and start studying to be a vet!

Any bunny rabbit owners out their on the Internet please get in touch and leave a comment. Let me know what you do re your pet rabbit and how much it costs to keep fleas at bay, including invisible fleas. And do indoor rabbits get fleas?

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