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Monday, 24 January 2011

Cindy Woo black rabbit brooch design by Little child artist Snowflake and black rabbit cake custom made by Sharon J. Bainbridge

Little child artist Snowflake created a gorgeous little Cindy Woo (black bunny rabbit) design for a Christmas decoration, which you can view here on my Butterfly Lullaby blog. I thought it was so sweet that I asked a lady to recreate the design as a glass brooch as a present for Little Snowflake. She really wanted black rabbit Sylvanian families to act as her Cindy Woo family, but sadly they only have white bunny rabbits.

When it comes to finding a cake for your child that is personal, it can prove a challenge. I knew my little girl would want a black rabbit Cindy Woo cake and I did not have much time to work my magic. So I bought a standard cake from Tesco, and purchased some of that roll out icing. When I got home I sketched a bunny rabbit from one of our pictures of Cindy Woo on paper and pencil. I placed this sketch under a glass chopping board and moulded the icing around it to create the bunny rabbit shape. Then I used food colouring with a clean paint brush and painted the icing. Success, even my friends were impressed and said this is another little thing I could earn money from, ha ha. If only!

If the manufacturers ever see my blog, please, please make a Cindy Woo Sylvanian families, Little Snowflake is already designing all their outfits. Bless her.

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