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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hates to read but loves to draw - what should I do?

My child just hates reading, and I mean hates with a big capital 'H.' Give her a pen and paper and she will draw and draw for hours. Try to get her to read a book and the interest quickly disappears. She will guess the words rather than work them out and is just plain bored and fed up. Today, I thought I would make an extra effort to try and get her to read. Her reply was I want to throw my book in some mud and chuck it out the window. Ok then! I am no teacher and trying to make reading fun is something I struggle with, but I am just so proud of her. Just take a look at her arty handwriting I think it is amazing:

I cannot blame her for not enjoying reading, I was exactly the same! She is just a little version of me and her farther. He hated reading too. But man what a great songwriter he is and she seems to be following in his footsteps as she has written one great song and co wrote one with me. I have always loved writing even though my spelling and grammar is not perfect.

I spoke to one of the Grandma's at school and she told me her daughter hated to read too, but ended up getting a Diploma in English and had the best grades in her class.

At the moment my little girl is making a book for all her stories. She enjoys writing more than reading, guess I have to take the blame for that one! If I get time I would love to share her little witch story she created this year. First she drew all the pictures then she dictated the story from her drawings. I was totally impressed, so it just shows you Mum's and Dad's don't get too stressed out if your child dislikes reading, they all have their own special talents. And all children progress at different stages! I was pleased to hear that the Government are trying to create more apprenticeship jobs as not everyone is gifted with a great memory when it comes to exams.

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