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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Moonlight room Enchanted Manor Isle of Wight - sea views from bedroom and lounge

I had a message from a person who read my review about the Enchanted Manor bed and breakfast in the Isle of Wight through Trip adviser. They asked which room I stayed in. I thought it was the Moonlight room and I was right. It was pure luxury with stunning sea views from the lounge and bedroom. The shower was state of the art and the separate washroom was beautiful. I can just imagine myself there now sitting in their glorious garden.

The Moonlight room is in the video below it is the first room featured with gorgeous light silvery blue wallpaper with silver tree link branches. I remember waking up looking out to the sea and seeing a beautiful pink and blue painted sky.

Enchanted Manor reviews with Trip Advisor

I have to say the Enchanted Manor sky looked similar to the one I videoed at my friends holiday cottage in Mumbles below. It is this sort of pure nature that inspires me and why I recycle for my child's future and others. Our world is so amazing it makes you realise the best things are free.

I am so glad the Enchanted Manor got featured on This Morning TV Show as one of the top places to visit.

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