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Monday, 17 October 2011


Do you have real family values? What are your family values and how far are you willing to go to protect the ones you love and the children that need protection?

If your child and other children were to lose their school field and butterfly meadow would you put yourself out to try and help them and save it? If you lived in an area where you had different nationalities and it was the last school field in the area, would you try and save it for the children?

If a child loves both it's parents, but the parents do not get along all the time because of different values in life, would you not try harder to make things work and try to change that person so your child can have a happier life? People tell me children are resilient and they bounce back. Where I am sitting I can see a lot of selfish adults who are just thinking about themselves and not the children. In some cases if a partner drinks, takes drugs, is very abusive then yes you have to get out of the relationship if they do not want to seek help and change. There are a lot of parents that cheat and this is not showing children true family values.

My little girl said to me "Mummy, pinky swear you will never leave Daddy." I have been trying to change him for over 10 years. He is not a bad person, but changes have to be made for us to get out of the mess we are in. To be a parent you have to be responsible! I feel that I am getting somewhere now as he is starting to realise that life would be a lot better if we all worked as a team to get our life on track. We have a beautiful world and we need to treasure it and work together to make a happier and brighter life for everyone.

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