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Robert Hartland Stanley Myles English family history

My Great Grandfarther was English his name was Robert Hartland Stanley Myles. He was born around 1st June 1887 somewhere in London. He married my Nan's Mother Winifred Josephine Melson who then became Winifred Josephine Myles nee Melson on 23rd June 1908. They were married at the Registrars Office Malacca Straits Settlement in Burma.

Nan was born in Rangoon, Burma and her Mother sadly took her own life to save her and brothers from poverty. They were shipped from Burma to England where they were fostered, as the Grandparents did not want mixed race Grandchildren. Sadly as we see all over the world not all church people believe in the same God. They were made to sleep and eat in a shed and treated like servants. Back then the English authorities did not batter an eye lid at their suffering. Thankfully things have sort of changed now. Although there is still a lot of room for change as compassion does not seem to be on the top of our Governments agenda. And there are still a lot of people worldwide that bully others over race, status and what they like to term as intelligence (I prefer to say they are blessed with a good memory.) However, Wales is a Country to be proud of with their amazing free prescription service, which makes sure poor people are not punished. The English Government however do not understand what it is like to struggle financially as they all come from wealthy families, so therefore getting rid of the NHS is something that would not affect them as they can afford private health care and no doubt prefer it.

I got in touch with a person that had really studied the Myles family history and he has not come across my Great Grandad. Looks like the scandal of the mixed marriage was covered up very well! I am proud of my family history as being mixed race makes you more human and less selfish., fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)


Michelle Melson said...

Hi Sharon, I have sent you an email to your msn address re Melson family. Unsure if it is still active.

Kind regards,
Michelle Melson

Sharon J. Bainbridge said...


No, my MSN account got HACKED. Can't access it. Please contact me on You Tube under discussions

Or on the true story about my Nan as a child orphan.


I did contact you on Facebook, but I never heard back. Are we being blocked?

Hope to speak soon
P.S. The photo on Facebook is of my lovely Nan and I. I hope I can find out more information about her family the MELSON'S!

Michelle Melson said...

Hi Sharon, not sure why you can't see the facebook posts I've tagged you in, including a photo of Winifred with her siblings and parents. You're not blocked.

Robert Hartland Stanley Myles, born about 1887, likely India or Burma and likely Eurasion, not English.

Winifred Melson: Father John Stephen Melson (born 1857, Tranquebar, India, Mother Mary Anne Pengally, (born 1860 Fremantle, Australia)were married in Singapore in 1884. Both died in the Straits Settlements (which isn't Burma btw) Winifred was neither Burmese nor French.

It was not uncommon for people to travel extensively, particularly between, India, Burma and the Straits Settlements.

Winifred and Robert married and had three children:
1. George Paul Espoir Myles Born 11 March 1912, baptised 31 March 1912, Rangoon, Burma.

2. Louise Sybil Stanley Myles Born 10 March 1914, baptised 3 January 1915, Rangoon, Burma.

3. Robert Hartland Stanley Myles Born 16 December 1915, Hammersmith, London, England.

Robert and Winifred divorced.

Robert remarried one Aileen Victoria Evans in 1918 in Kent, England.
Robert died in Jubbulpore India October 1919 of Influenza while he was Lieutenant Supply & Transport Corps for the India Reserve Army.

Winifred remarried one Frederick William Simpson in September 1921 in Camberwell, London, England.

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