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Monday, 24 September 2012

Frog Princess Miss England

Frog Princess Miss England. Imagine meeting the lady that runs Miss England at a wedding! You know how you meet someone for the first time, but it is as if you have known them for years. Well, we just seemed to hit it off on the friendship side straight away. And her partner was such a lovely guy too. Really nice couple, well suited. It was like fate had frown us in the same direction.

The Wedding was outside on castle grounds. I was told by one of the tour guides that this castle was one of the most romantic castles in the world, haunted too, which I find fascinating. And it certainly lived up to my expectations. We got talking and she asked me what I did. I told her I blog a lot and fight verbally for women's rights. She laughed and replied "Well you will not like me very much then." I replied "Why." "I run Miss England!" But then I look at Miss World and compare it to the sites on the Internet that destroy families and children's lives and think at least these ladies have to show off a talent using their brain, as well as their beauty and it is just a bit of fun! I admire Angie, she is a lovely lady with good values in life. And I want to read her book. Surprisingly enough she has a Brother and Sister I believe who suffer from schizophrenia. So she knows all too well the pain some poor people go through and it was refreshing talking to her as my Sister and Mother suffer from this lonely illness too. I cannot believe what the Government is doing to these poor people, they seriously do not understand what this illness is and how these ill people are just unable to work.

My sister wrote a beautiful poem about how she has mirrored our mothers illness. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make them both better. If I had money I believe I would be able to experiment with hypnotherapy on my sister and get her life back. She needs to block out the past from bad evil men and the damage they have done to her life. Then she can live and smile again.

Here is Bolsover Castle in Yorkshire. It is truly beautiful. The magical place where I met Angie Beasley who runs Miss England and is the author of the Frog Princess.

Angie and her partner kept asking when is your other half going to sing? Sadly he was told he was only allowed to sing up tempo music. No Nessun Dorma which really would  have suited this venue. So Angie if you read this here he is singing Nessun Dorma. I prefer him singing ballads as it shows his range.

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