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Monday, 24 September 2012

I know my Asthma do you

I know my Asthma! And don't need anyone telling me what causes it as I know full well why I am having to take the strong Symbicort inhaler now! When for years I managed to control my asthma as I kept away from Cigarette smoke and animals. Imagine going from not needing inhalers at all. To having to use the ventolin constantly! I only used inhalers if I fell ill with bad colds and flu which affected my breathing and suffered infections. Some asthmatics may suffer attacks from stress, but I don't! It is purely allergy related. Do I have stress in my life, hell yes but I am not the sort of person to give up as I have a child to look after!

Today I am sending a letter to my GP and requesting a details report of how many inhalers I have ordered over the past 10 years. This will prove that when I was working in the School Canteen that my asthma got out of control. As I was waking up at 2.00 am in the morning unable to breathe. And I was always out of breathe. I know the damp in the house makes my asthma bad too, but my asthma was worse when I worked their. The canteen was run down with asbestos on the roof. I remember the water dripping in and it fell on my pudding. I asked can I have another pudding and was told no. I now wish I had not eaten the pudding  and wonder if the rain water was contaminated with the asbestos from the leaking roof?
Here is my little girl crying her eyes out and asking why will no one help her. I have a solution for struggling Mothers but the question is do people care enough about our children to support it?

In this video below I talk about how bad men in business have bullied me and tried to steel from me. Stopping me from providing for my child.

I have tried so hard to earn a living from home it is just not funny. The brick walls that come up are all thanks to ruddy men in power. Yes I know there are good men, just wish they would fight for Mothers and Children verbally instead of telling us they are good show us!

Here is a part of my mind map for a website that cares about children and mothers that need that helping hand. You can't trust rich people as they are obsessed with money!

I know my Asthma, do you? Leave a comment below.

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