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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mortgage valuations what's the truth?

Mortgage valuations what's the truth? My Mother in law was told by the Mortgage company that the damp had to be sorted out before they would lend on the property. Therefore she had to ask the sellers to reduce the selling price to cover this work. And even when my friend sold her cottage the first thing the Mortgage company did was check the roof and for damp. It is in their interest to invest money on good properties. So the question is why did my lending bank not complete the valuation properly? Was it because they knew I was selling my flat and therefore I would not be a risk to them as they were getting nearly all the money back? Going over old documentation I found a letter I wrote to my Solicitor asking about the damp in the house. His reply was that my Mortgage company told me their was damp. Sorry but there is no written record of damp and nothing in the valuation! The builders were just fobbing me off saying it was condensation for years. Only found out this year that previous owners have used bathroom sealant on the slate tiles to stop it leaking. And last year the Insurance Company refused to pay out as their is no felt under the slate roof tiles. Question is why was this not picked up in the valuation and what is the point of paying Insurance if we are not covered?

I think it is time to demand justice for house buyers that have been ripped off. The ceiling in the bedroom with the worst damp looked brand new as if it had been replaced, whilst the other ceilings looked dull in colour and quite old fashioned. I believe one of the owners replaced the ceiling in the bedroom to hide the fact the roof needed replacing. The owners I purchased from were only here for five months in total, now that is suspect. No one goes to the expense of buying a house just to move five months later. Children and families should be protected. I want justice and I am damn well going to get it as no one makes my little girl cry and gets away with it.

The previous owners conned me on the boiler which I wanted to pay to have checked and they wangled their way out of it knowing full well that they would have to replace the boiler as we did when we moved in. Pretending to be good people and saying they would pay for the Gas check. She admitted their was water coming in but said it was normal. I was pregnant at the time and stressed out with problems with renting my flat out and having financial worries so I let it go, even though I had just paid out for brand new boiler in my flat because they had also stitched me up! The Shower never worked. The Wendy House I paid for had no concrete underneath. The tumble dryer did not work either, which I paid money for. So having to pay for a new roof is just damn right taking the biscuit!

All I can do is plod on with my business. Google is our only hope for a better future for us and others that have been in the same situation. This stressful road has taught me that justice needs to be served and that I must set something up for struggling Mothers to make sure they can provide for their children with Googles help.

Just take a look at how some people in power treat Mothers and Children!

Here is just a glimpse at My Mothers Mind Map for supporting Mothers and children around the world! There is much more to add and I hope our daughters see a better future than we have had to live in!

Don't be a victim, speak out and fight for justice. Leave a comment below and share your story and together we can create a better world for our children!

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Anonymous said...

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Fairy network work from home - Butterfly Lullaby said...

Hi I have just popped over to your website and left a message. Great dog blog by the way. Thanks for leaving a comment on my "Mortgage valuations what's the truth?" Good point about the search engines, I guess money talks if you know what I mean! Five years trying to trade on the Internet has really opened my eyes to the way Western Culture treats children and mothers. I hope one day with MP Claire Perry's help justice will be served as we damn well deserve it. I refuse to be treated like a doormat and expect the UK to protect all that need it.

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