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Monday, 12 August 2013

A mother's dilemma: Stay at home or not?

Please read this wonderful article and video about powerful women leaving the work place to be with their children, because guess what "Only a man would dream up such a world that forces mothers to leave their children for money to break the family bond!" My daughter wants Mummy at home and she does not want to go back to Nazi School bullying. If men in power cared about children/family they would help mothers earn from home, instead of bullying them into the work place and forcing children to spend time with strangers instead of their Human Rights to grow up enjoying family time with Mummy (Mommy.) How many men admit their brains are in their p_ _ _ _s? So why are they in charge of Children's Education? Especially S-- Education (Research Dr Reisman and be shocked!)


If we were to do a survey and ask every child in the world, what would you rather have "Mummy at home, or lots of toys." My daughters reply is 100% "I want my Mummy!"

And I think you can see here just how happy my little girl is and how she reads beautifully now she is homeschooled. Singing book reviews by Snowdrop.

When children are raised by Mummy they get to learn wrong from right. Men prove time and time again that they just should not be allowed to create children's cartoons/films, music, because their brains have 100% slipped down to their p _ _ _ s. This video and our media proves it! 

There are some good men, but the question is why are these men not helping mothers like me earn from home and stop the bullying men on the Internet from preventing me from earning so I can provide for my child? This is part of my portfolio. My Google shop gadget has been deleted, so I cannot earn from the Toys R Us adverts. I have not had the latest payment. These men are evil nasty bullies who should be thrown into a nursing home because prison is too good for them. Justice is something I believe in and maybe one day people will wake up and start working together as a team to protect our children from the brainwashing that is taking place and give them their family life back. My MP has proved that the people in power are not child/family friendly! And he certainly is not a Father to be proud of!

Please share your stories and videos with us.

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