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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Children wildlife animals

Children adore animals and are very keen to try and tame the wildlife creatures in their back garden. So this summer have some fun with the kids outside and see if you can tame a few animals and get those beautiful family photographs to treasure.


Take a look at this clever family and how they have trained the Robin to fly into the house and take cheese from their hands, feet and arm. Amazing! Share your stories with us!

These butterfly kits are brilliant for children. Grow your own butterflies and set them free.

Here is one of our frogs sitting on his apple boat.

We left the paddling pool out all winter and ended up with lots of tadpoles. My daughter loves nature and asked if we could bring them in, so we put them in the fish tank and she and her friends experienced watching these tadpoles turn into baby frogs. Totally amazing. And that my friends is what childhood is all about. The great outdoors adventure. Sadly it is not safe for children to go to the park etc like we used to do as children. If your interested to find out how did we get here, then as a parent that cares about your child's future I would look into Dr Reisman and her years of research, which proves we need to get back to good old fashioned values and promote family life with a Mummy and Daddy. Our media needs to change.

CHEAP GARDEN POND  We used my daughters old sandpit to make a little garden pond down the back garden. Just listen to her excitement and how she really wanted to pick this frog up.

When my daughter was about 5 years old I had a go at trying to tame some garden squirrels. I brought some bird nuts and made a trail to the garden table. Every morning we would look out the window to see the squirrels munching away on the nuts on the table. They got so tame that they eventually sat on the table when my little girl was outside and she fed them hazelnuts. Funny thing is the little squirrel thought she was too slow at giving him the hazelnuts, so decided to help himself and got his head stuck in the packet. It was just the most entertaining thing you could ever imagine. I feel really blessed that even though my daughter has not got to experience going to the park on her own with friends etc. She has not missed out on our amazing wildlife and has had some fantastic adventures in the garden. She even picked up baby magpie.

Here is just some of the wildlife in our Butterfly Lullaby Garden.

Meet Fidget! My daughter used to have a lovely teacher who understood children. 
Fidget was the school pet. If only all teachers could be like her old teacher, she loved school back then.

Let me introduce Cindy Woo our pet bunny rabbit.

That's all today. Thanks for stopping by. And remember Children are our future so lets do all we can to protect them and give them the right to a happy childhood. No child should be forced to grow up!
Go to this website and share with everyone you know. It is important we do not ignore what is happening!
Share your videos and stories with us, the Butterfly Lullaby way:
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