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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

David Cameron please give me a job

Dear Mr Cameron


I think the Tax Payer will agree that we need to do something quickly to save family life and what better way than to help mothers earn from home and give children their Human Rights to a happy childhood! Your office replied to my letter ages ago, but for some reason, nothing whatsoever, has been done to help me get this off the ground. I have seen my MP twice now and have to say I am somewhat disappointed. Surely our Government is meant to be pro children and family. The new laws that have been put in place are clearly anti children and family and promotes everything that destroys the family home, which is very bad for the economy let alone our poor children.
As you can see here having Mummy at home pays off as my daughter knows right from wrong and is not brainwashed by the sick media and revolting magazines in Food Shops that degrade and insult little girls/women as objects. She also has not had to sit through Dr Kinsey's very sick S-- Education, which puts children in danger. I have explained that men are not taught to respect women and children and that is why we find such muck in shops, on TV and on the Internet. My daughter thankfully has not been brainwashed like most children as she can see very clearly what this cartoon is all about and how she did the right thing by telling Mummy. I still do not understand how Britain's Got Talent gets away with putting such disgusting things in front of children, when it is meant to be a family show for the Queen. Here is my daughter questioning "What is wrong with these men, it is so wrong!" 

I would like to share my daughters amazing vegetable and fruit pirate characters, translating different languages through pictures. And ask you why our Councils say no to helping Mothers earn from home! Being a team player is important, but in the seven years of trying to trade on line it is obvious our world is run by men bullies that do all they can to stop mothers earning from home and try and do their best to break the family bond by forcing mothers into the work place. It simply is not good enough! 

I often wonder why are there so many brick walls up when it comes to promoting talented children and helping them shine. Surely Councils and Libraries should be helping talented children that can do beautiful singing book reviews. 

This is my daughters singing book review when she visited her Daddy. What an awful world we live in when Daddy cannot earn enough to see his little girl on a regular bases. She misses him so much.

I would have thought that our Country would promote a Mother who re-mortgaged to create such a beautiful book,  co wrote songs and made the costumes. Not allow people to steel her work!

I recently met a man who has owned a book shop for over 27 years and he could not understand why I am financially struggling when my book, in his words "Is the best he has ever seen!"

What sort of men/fathers allow bad people on the Internet to bully a mother and stop her trading and working with a famous man from children's TV, when she is trying to earn from home to provide for her child. A Government that is pro children and family would have fined all those bad sites. And questioned the host for not keeping evidence of hacking by bad people. I am due financial compensation and an apology from the years of having to put up with bullying men that have no respect for children or mothers on the Internet. I think you will agree by encouraging student girls to sell themselves like Roxanne (The Police Song) will only create more bullying men, which is very bad for our children's future.

I really wish I did not have to discuss the following magazine I found in the Library near the Children's Reading section (Staff just do as they are told by the Council who are controlled by the Government.)  It was pretty obvious by the meeting I had with my MP that men in Government see nothing wrong with young girls (Someones daughter) selling themselves for money. This I find extremely concerning as a Mother and really have to question what sort of fathers we have in power to encourage such a thing. If we look at things from an Educated Perspective surely we should be Educating Men to respect women as human beings, not objects because it is common sense that the reason there is so much violence and marriage break ups is because men are encouraged to cheat. And this is just another easy way for them to get away with destroying the family home. Our children deserve better. This is grown ups behaving badly!

Do you know what we really need and that is a film/music industry that respects children and family. Our world needs my help to steer family in the right direction so children get the mother and father they deserve. Men sadly cannot be trusted with this job! And should not be in charge of children's education, media or family issues. I think the above proves that our world needs a Mother like me to make sure our children are brainwashed no more!

Yours sincerely

Sharon J. Bainbridge
(A mother who has had enough of bully men that have no child/family values)

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