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Friday, 16 August 2013

Salt inhaler for asthma

Himalayan salt inhaler for asthma. My daughter and I are both asthmatic. She has a terrible asthma cough and problems with a never ending runny nose and finds it hard to breath through her nose in the morning and at night. Maggie from Children Screaming to be Heard recommended this inhaler and mentioned that she knows a lot of people that swear by it, including her grandson who was very ill. I brought the wrong one first of all, as I could not find it on line. Funny thing is I was speaking to one of my daughters old school friends and she said she used this inhaler for two months and no longer uses it or needs her inhalers. She thinks her asthma has gone, which is really quite amazing. I know it is possible to outgrow asthma. So we will just wait and see and  hope that people will leave us some feedback to tell us their asthma stories. This Salt Inhaler only cost £20 (Free postage.) Just think about the amount of money you can save, as one salt packet lasts two years. And you get two packets of Himalayan salt free with the Ceramic Salt Inhaler.

We got the inhaler on Tuesday I think. I washed it out and we used it on Tuesday night for five minute each. We also inhaled the inhaler through the nose for five minutes. It is now Thursday night and we are using the inhaler twice a day. So far so good, we have not used the Ventolin Inhalers etc since using the Himalayan Salt Inhaler. I feel that I can breath a lot easier, would be amazing if I could get off my inhalers again. Before I worked in the school canteen I had my asthma under control and never used my inhalers. The canteen was very run down and has asbestos on the roof, which was broken and leaked and my asthma got way out of control where I just could not breath properly through the day or night. Before I worked at the school the only time I needed my inhalers was when I visited family because they smoke and have animals, which I am allergic to. I really hope this inhaler helps my daughters asthma cough. The other inhalers prescribed by the GP dry her throat, which makes it difficult for her to sing as she loses her voice. We will keep you updated on how it improves our health and look forward to hearing all your news too.

This is how you make your own salt inhaler, clever guy!

Here is my daughters original song "Family Joy." Family means everything to children. Promote it and protect it. Children deserve a happy childhood with Mummy and Daddy, so lets make them proud.

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