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Monday, 16 December 2013

Horrible History Princess Diana

Horrible History stories are still happening. And Princess Diana is sadly part of them. I have never been a Royal Fan, but when Princess Diana died and I researched her unhappy life, I felt deep compassion for her. But more than that, she is a hero for all children and women, because she spoke out about her unhappy marriage. Many British people are horrible bullies they force victims to put up and shut up or get out, they never think of the poor children and what they deserve, and do not want to help!  All she ever wanted was a happy family home. She hoped her boys could have the happy family life she had always dreamed of, with a mother and father who put their children first. Sadly the mistress won, because our Culture does not teach men and women to put children first, it encourages them to cheat! Her own mother and father let her down, so her marriage to fail too, must have been horrific.


I am in shock that even in death her memory is being bullied. Her smile and heart lit up a room. How can anyone pick on her looks and say she had a big nose? If she had received the love she gave she would not have suffered from bulimia or felt unattractive. Our culture sickens me. British bullies are the worst! In another video on You Tube this same spokesman for the Royal Family said "If Princess Diana had talked openly about her failed marriage years ago, she would have been killed!"

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