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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Mr Gold Lego Figure FREE

Wow, my daughter was given a free Mr Gold by a lady that recreated him using Lego pieces and painted him gold etc. We still cannot believe our luck, how kind of her to give him away. Here is the Custom Mr Gold.

My daughter received some money from family for Christmas and really wanted to buy Mr Gold, but this little character is rare. One person on You Tube said his Mr Gold was worth $600. That is crazy when the original characters only cost £2 to buy new. We bid on Ebay and won him for less than £15.

I emailed the lady that was selling Mr Gold on Ebay and told her that my daughter could not wait to receive him as she is making a music video with him. She adored my daughters videos and Mr Gold song. Here are the links I sent her:


In January 2014, my daughter will be hosting her own Radio Station called "Never to (too) old for Lego."
She looks forward to speaking to people of all ages about their favourite Lego, videos, songs and art and crafts. The show will be Broadcast live every Wednesday from 5-7pm with Freedom Talk Radio. We want to hear your own original Lego songs and play them on air as well as seeing all your wonderful creations, which she will blog about. My daughter wants to earn pocket money with her You Tube Channel to buy more Lego so she can create more videos.

We grow old because we stop playing!

Wow, this guy made a real Lego Radio ...

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