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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Did the Queen's husband cheat?

I remember seeing a documentary about Princess Diana and her saying that Prince Charles said, and I quote:

"He was not going to be the only man within the Royal Family that does not have a mistress!"

What exactly did he mean by that? Are we to believe that all Royal Men are allowed to treat the mothers of their children like dirt? The Queen is said to have fallen in love with Prince Philip when she was just a child of 13 years old.

His Royal Virus Prince Philip in 1984 - Human Population Reaching

I'm Related To Dracula Says Prince Charles

Jimmy Savile Takes Young Girl To Prince Philip.

I find it quite sad that Queen Mary is made out to be mad. Especially as King George is said to have been a total bully. He must have been a nightmare to live with. Prince Albert was forced to use his right hand when he was left handed and ended up with a stutter. Princess Diana always said that "Someone needs to show some love within the Royal Family." And I think this documentary proves just how cold they really are. Queen Mary only spent an hour a day with her children. And King George less than that. Prince John, poor child. No wonder we have Forced Adoption for Profit as proved by MP John Hemming!


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