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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How to Train Your Dragon 2 REVIEW

My darling daughter, Melody, has been waiting to see this film for ages. Her Daddy treated us and we watched "How to train your dragon" in the local Cinema. Did we enjoy the film, "YES, IT WAS AMAZING!" As usual Mummy (me) forgets it is just a cartoon and starts balling her yes out when he first meets his mother. Melody looks over and says "Oh Mummy, not again!" She find it really amusing that I cry when I watch happy and sad moments in films, especially when it is a CARTOON. I feel reviews can wreck the film, so I will leave the rest to your imagination. Enjoy!

Melody has been busy following You Tube tutorials on How to loom your dragon. So far she has made five dragons from How to Train Your Dragon. Will upload the pictures this week. It is amazing what you can make out of elastic bands. There are some really clever people on You Tube.

Here is the lady (Courtney Nicole) from How to Loom Your Dragon. Very clever!

This is Melody four years ago. I made her a Toothless Mask and Dragon for Christmas.
I know Toothless is not perfect, but she loves him and says he is the best toy she ever had because Mummy made him. How adorable! I like the bit in the video where she tells Cindy Woo, her pet rabbit "DON'T BITE MY TOOTHLESS!"



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