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We need more SUPER HEROES (HEROINES) in our world. I cannot thank Aisling enough for her amazing research on Fluoride and for her bravery in taking the Irish Government to Court. Please, please share this information as it is one step forward for human rights. I have donated to Aisling, because I want her to win this case and help change our children's future. Fluoride is damaging to everybody's health!


Professor Stephen Peckham - Centre for Health Services Studies, University of Kent, Professor of Health Policy, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine & Director, Policy Research Unit in Commissioning and the Healthcare System - PRUComm
"I have been a licensed dentist for over 40 years and for 30 of those years I have been aware of the fluoride fraud being perpetrated on all of us by the American Dental Association and others. I fully support the excellent work being done by Aisling Fitzgibbon, 'The Girl Against Fluoride', and would encourage all of you to learn from her and support her work."

Jim Maxey DDS - Tulsa, OK, USA
"Fluoridating our drinking water is really such a stupid idea. It beggars belief that we the people permit it to continue. I am thoroughly ashamed of my profession - dentists - for allowing this to go on. As a profession we have become so blinded by our own arrogance that we even refuse to look at the studies and research that clearly reveal just how toxic Fluoride really is. I urge my fellow colleagues to take a look at the 2006 National Research Council report into Fluoride toxicity. This thorough review of ALL the toxicological data clearly shows that Fluoride even at very low levels accumulates systemically and causes a host of diseases. NO - it doesn't just cause minor cosmetic damage to the teeth! It builds up in the bones and the endocrine systems especially.

Dentists, it's time to think outside of the box, or in this case outside of the mouth! Having a potent neurotoxin build up in your bones and endocrine systems is not generally thought of as being a good idea. But it's not just on toxicological grounds that I object most strongly to water fluoridation. It is on moral grounds that we must examine ourselves. Is it right to force people to have medication against their wishes? How dare we say 'we know best'? Don't we owe it to our friends, our families, our neighbours to give them the choice? Let them make their own minds up.

Or are we such superior intellects that the 'common' man doesn't count? I am whole heartedly behind 'The Girl Against Fluoride' - GOD Bless her for standing up and being counted!!! I wish their campaign all the very best of luck and it is my great hope that she will succeed in getting the F out!!! Ireland, you have no idea how lucky you are to have 'The Girl Against Fluoride'! Fluoridating the water supply is ineffective - Ireland has the worst tooth decay in Europe. It doesn't work. It isn't safe - in fact it's VERY toxic. GET THE F OUT"


I am over the moon that Melody and I are no longer taking our inhalers, it's been approximately two weeks. And we don't have to get rid of her pet rabbits, which we are both allergic to. Not brushing our teeth with fluoride poison, having distilled water and stinging nettle water has cured us. So glad as Melody did not want to get rid of her beloved bunny rabbits, and why should she.

I want to make a complaint against my daughters dentist for putting toxic Fluoride Varnish on her teeth. Especially as it is linked to asthma! Melody had really bad joint pains too, which as I thought is linked to Fluoride. So glad her verrucas are now clearing up after three years and that our asthma is cured. She is still blowing her nose, I guess it will take time to get that muck out of her system completely. Especially as she had Fluoride Varnish put in her mouth, which is really toxic. Wish I had known about this last year as I would have told the Dentist to go and jump off a pumpkin. Mummy being polite, but firm! I had no idea what he was doing to her teeth as he explained nothing. My friend told me her dentist asked permission. I am peed off big time! Warning, never upset Mummy, because Mummy never forgets and demands justice!

The queen of herbs!

Here is another Super Hero (Heroine) Princess Diana. If she were alive today I know she would support me with trying to help mothers earn from home, so our children can have their childhood back! All she ever wanted was for her children to grow up with their mother and father. I admired her for speaking out, because that is the only way to stop bullying and victims deserve support! Children need both parents. Sadly our modern world has turned women and children into objects for sale and there is no respect! 

"If Diana had been living in medieval times, she would have had her head chopped off." - Dickie Arbiter, former press spokesperson for the Queen


Another Super Hero (Heroine) is my Nan. She passed away some years ago and did so much for children around the world. I wish I had talked to her about her childhood and found out what they did to her in state care. She was a child orphan and a victim of the state. Which is why I want to help these poor kids in care who have no voice. All I have is letters from family and some of her old letters to my Mum's Cousin. But it is enough to wake me up to the reality that Social Services are not protecting our children.



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