Friday, 12 December 2014


We need to find good homes for our baby bunny rabbits. They are currently 12 days old. And have just started to open their eyes. Prove you can supply a loving home to these bunnies, and we will give them away free. But Melody, my daughter, will want photos and video updates. Children love their pets and see them as family, which is why she does not want to sell them. Bunnies love company, so it would be nice to give them away in pairs.

Here are some old photographs of two of the baby bunnies taken last week. Four babies are feeding from their Mummy. But these two have to be fed by us.

This is one of our Christmas baby bunny rabbits. Melody named him/her, "Jingles." There are two others like this one.

This Christmas Baby Bunny Rabbit is called "Dasher." There are two others like him/her.


Coco Boo, Mummy to above baby bunny rabbits. 

Coco Boo is a Lion Rabbit. So cute!

Coco Boo, when she was a baby bunny. I wonder if the brown, black bunny will look like her?


Meet, Daddy rabbit, Fluffy Woo. Named after Cindy Woo. Sadly, Cindy went missing this year. My neighbour spotted a fox in our garden, twice. So we have to put the bunnies in a run now.

Here is Fluffy Woo, when he was a baby bunny. 

We miss Cindy Woo, and so does Coco Boo. That is why we had to get her another bunny friend. Never expected her to have baby bunny rabbits. Some Christmas Present. Bless her!

Melody is going to miss Cindy Woo this Christmas. She dreams about her lost bunny a lot, and there have been many tears. I hope this little present will cheer her up. As well as the new born baby bunnies. We have many happy memories of Melody and Cindy Woo creating art and craft videos together, which is why this Christmas present is so special.

Melody, drawing Cindy Woo, and turning her bunny into a Blue Nose character.

"Don't eat my toothless" shrieked Melody. Cindy Woo was not amused. And did not like the idea of Toothless stealing the limelight!

Cindy Woo and Melody's butterfly.

Melody singing "Little Snowflake song." Notice how Cindy Woo is included in the song. 


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