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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Pink fairy house, fairy door and windows in the OOAK Butterfly Lullaby Garden

I just found a picture I took of the OOAK pink fairy house I decorated a few years ago. All you need is a bird house and a bit of dazzle, sparkle and imagination. Just paint the old bird house and add anything you can get your hands on which will make it stand out "as you need to attract those fairies." This is really ideal for indoors so the fairies can take shelter on a rainy night.

The other picture I found is one I took of a fairy door and two fairy windows, which used to be advertised in my Butterfly Lullaby shop. I still have a fairy door and window in this style, which looks amazing on the apple tree. I adore this picture as little mushrooms appeared from nowhere which added that special bit of fairy magic. I even handmade the little fairy ladder out of clothes pegs.

Here is a video I created a while ago on how to make a fairy flower spoon. Cheaper than Fimo. All you need is a salt dough mix and food colouring.

I hope to be able to use the bottom of the wild garden next year and create our very own fairy garden. It has been full of blackberry bushes and Japanese Knotweed, which apparently you can eat? The apple tree was full of blossom and I did take a beautiful picture of the wooden tree swing underneath, but who knows what happened to it.

Butterfly Lullaby fairies I see, Butterfly Lullaby dreams come to me! I think after 11 years of bad luck it is time for a change!

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