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Friday, 31 August 2012

Black skirt swimming costume

When we went down to Weymouth for the Sailing Olympics and to see family I treated myself to a much needed swimming costume. I hum and mum'd over whether to buy it or not as I rarely treat myself to things, but my old costume had seen better days. Ideally I wanted a swimming costume like the Olympic Swimmers wear, you know the ones with the built in long short. As this is like my old black swimming costume which I have worn non stop for over 10 years and now looks old and shabby, a bit like me he he! Only kidding I like growing old gracefully!

We took our little girl swimming last weekend and my partner said to me "Oh my gosh you are not wearing that you look like someone from the 1950's!" My little girl replied I love Mummy just the way she is! You could say he is not a big fan of my Granny Trolly either, te he!

I am on Google+ under Sharon J. Bainbridge happy blogging everyone!

P.S. I brought this black skirt swimming costume in Debenhams in the Weymouth sale! Excuse that awful looking women down the bottom of my blog with bleached blonde hair and black eyelined eyebrows. Hopefully she will get deleted! As she is not welcome on my blog!

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