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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Clean your pet rabbit no shampoo

We washed our pet bunny rabbit in the bath using the shower. I know you are not meant to wash rabbits but when they have straw stuck to their little bunny tail you cannot leave them like that. I read somewhere that you are not meant to use shampoo so the shower did the trick. Just slightly warm water and the straw from her tail came off.

Oh my gosh she looks so cute when little Cindy Woo starts to shake her little paws to get the water off and washes her face. Well it looks like she is washing her face, she is probably cleaning her paws.

I had a comment the other day asking how they could subscribe to my Butterfly Lullaby blogs. If you go to the top right hand corner there should be a follow me button. Thanks so much to everyone that leaves a comment. I am on Google + under Sharon J. Bainbridge but I am not quite sure how to work it as I have been so busy just blogging and creating videos in the hope to one day make a change for my little girls and other little girls future.  I am an English Alien as most mothers put make-up and nail varnish on their little girls, I have taught my little girl that she is beautiful as she is and that that sort of stuff is for grown ups.

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