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Friday, 31 August 2012

First Google check (cheque) arrived thank you

Yesterday I received my very first Google check (cheque) for the adverts on my blog and videos. Thank you so much Google, when I received this check (cheque) I jumped up and down with joy. Because I have had five years of hell on the Internet and the only thing that kept me going was my Google blog and seeing my work at the top of the search engines. That and of course my Little Girl! Ditto! Thank you for the free blog and for giving Mothers like me a chance to earn a living from home which fits in around our children. For me it is important to work around my child so I can get to see her grow up.

I would ask all the Gremlins that have caused me so many problems in the past to please back off and think about my little girl as we need as much support as possible to get the house sorted out so it no longer affects her and my asthma. And my plan for the future is bigger than just us as a family I hope all my efforts will one day raise money to get a CRB website up and running so children can shine safely.
And a place where Mothers can sell old and new things with no fees because the advertising will pay for all the IT costs. A download service for creative families like us to sell audio stories, songs, art and craft templates and somewhere we can help struggling families reach their goals to a better and happier life! Children deserve as much support as we can give them! Teamwork is the only way forward!

Imagine paying for your roof to be replaced, having a 20 year guarantee. The guy that did your roof dies and the company is taken over by another firm with the same name. And then you being told that the roof is ok and the problem actually stems from the main roof because there is no felt under the roof tiles. Then ask yourself how the heck did the mortgage company not pick up on it when the Insurance company refuses to pay out on any damage because there is no felt under the roof tiles. Same old problem when you don't have the money or knowledge to fight back you get trodden on!


I would put the video of my little girl crying her eyes out and asking "Why will no one help her?" But I cannot find it  at the moment. There are people in the world that can help but put up the brick walls and make it very difficult for the less fortunate to climb the ladder to a better life! Stop shutting the doors in our faces and open your hearts for our children's sake. Google has so, so can you!

If you read my blogs you will know that life is not easy for some Mothers. Some salaries just do not keep up with today's high living costs! Don't suffer in silence talk about it and team up with other mothers in the same boat. Together we can change our world. Get in contact with me Sharon J. Bainbridge on Google+ I leave you with a video of my little girl telling you why she hates make-up! I am so proud that she has her own mind and does not copy what other little girls do for the fear of being different. Remember even though people like me get bullied for speaking out, the only way forward and to force change is by talking about things and asking for support and help to make it happen. Anything is possible if you can dream and believe!

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