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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Harry Hill Art

Did you know that Harry Hill is an artist? A very good one at that! When it comes to comedy he has to be the best British comedian. Not many people make me laugh but he has me in stitches as I love real life comedy!

When we were in Weymouth for the Sailing Olympics my little girl wanted to buy a Harry Hill mask, she had a choice of the Queen, Kate Middleton and Prince William. But Harry was the one that made her giggle. Here is Harry making funny comedy out of our silly British art culture. He is a total comedian genius!

I wonder what Harry Hill would think of Little Snowflakes room and her natures art ceiling called the face created by the damp. The Roof is meant to be guaranteed for over 20 years! Maybe Harry can convince the roofers to honour their contract and fix it for Little Snowflakes sake as the damp makes her cough and wheeze with asthma? I feel a comedy sketch coming on! His video has really inspired me to create more real life art. I think I will take a photo of my friend sleeping on the sofa in agony because the Council cannot find her a four bed house for her kids. Her husband works really hard and as usual is paid a really low salary. She suffers from health problems, which of course is made worse because of her living conditions. I could rant about all the problems poor people go through in Britain but at least we have the national health. But it would be nice if the big people at the top learnt to share a little so everyone had a chance at a nice stress free life! Change is possible if we all try!

Harry Hill has a very kind heart, love this video on how he has helped a charity raise money by selling one of his drawings:

Here is Harry Hill made into an art piece as a Blue Nose Tatty Teddy. My little girl loves putting on the Harry Hill mask and pretending to be him! And Harry also loves to put on Little Snowflakes mask and pretend to be her!

Here are some of Harry Hill's other funny art videos:

The greatest Nut artists in the world!

Here is an article about Harry Hills art. Excellent!

Contact English Alien Mother Sharon J. Bainbridge if you believe change is possible and everyone deserves a happy life! Also think about the Beer Fear song on X Factor and how your little girl could grow up making the same mistakes and try and do something to stop it by changing our Western Culture to be more family and child friendly like Harry Hill!

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