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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Harry Hill egg joke

Here is a Harry Hill egg joke! I just love the ghost egg joke, see the end of this blog for the video ...

I know I missed off the "t" on "NOT" in the video. When you are dyslexic you can read something a few times and still miss the mistakes. But I refuse to be made to feel that I am talentless and cannot write because I am dyslexic after all that is what editors are for. If only we could all afford one! I really love to write, whether I am good at it or not does not matter to me as I am having fun!

My little girl and I love making videos for You Tube. When she looks back she will see a whole portfolio of her art work and who knows this may land her a top paid job in animation! We adore Harry Hill and his clean humour. I have never heard him say bad words that should not be said in front of children and his material as far as I know if family friendly. Correct me if I am wrong. He just has to smile and I laugh.

Did you see an audience with Harry Hill when he was laughing about how it takes him ages to wash his face as his face does not seem to end now he has lost his hair. I think it is great that he does not wear a wig and is just himself. Here is his ghost egg joke.

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