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Monday, 27 August 2012

Racing Knatts Valley, Kent, England

Actor Steve McQueen raced at my Great Nan and Grandad' s home in their huge back garden!

Knatts Valley races in the old days has anyone got any other information they could share. I was talking to my little girl about our family history and how Nan had old newspaper clippings of races that used to take place at her parents old home in their huge very steep back garden! Google never let me down I searched the net and found this very interesting article about famous actor Steve Mcqueen racing in my Great Nan's back garden. Thank you to the blogger for sharing this information and hope you don't mind me sharing this picture and your blog!


I will have to dig out some old photos of my family in the famous Knatts Valley racing field!

Get in contact if you have any information at all as family history is so interesting for our children to pass on to future generations!

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Photographs Knatts Valley races


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