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Friday, 21 September 2012

Adam eat the apple not Eve!

Adam eat the apple not Eve! Think about it, women get all the pain, and men get away with everything. God is a man. And the way to control women is by telling them they did something wrong. So this is a great way to make women feel bad. The bible is written by a man and he has made sure women are kept down in the gutter so why not pretend that Adam and Eve existed and that Eve was so selfish that she eat the apple. Remind me how many absent fathers their are in the world? How many wars we have had. England alone has a history of bullying that still lives with us today. We can change men, but we have to change women first for our children's sake. I wonder if in 50 years from now my blog will be found and people will take note!

Lets take a look at how many control freak men have tried to steel from me as a Mother trying to support my child and how the man run Internet makes women look stupid and tacky so we do not overtake from them in Government. After all you could not have some Barbie doll with huge balloons running our world! Yet we have a Princess that just does not fit a little girls role model. Why? So men can make sure us women never earn enough to have any sort of power over them. But what they should be thinking of is our children.

My true story and the struggles as a Mother in a man run world that destroys all children! I believe Obama is different. I hope he does something to protect our little girls! His little girls. He respected his Mother which sadly a lot of men don't. Otherwise they would not treat women and mothers so badly.

My little darling daughter I am so proud of you for listening to Mummy and for not following all the lost sheep at school, acting and doing what they do. Do you know she told her friend you cannot come into our house if you wear nail varnish or make-up. Ok I know we cannot tell people what to do so I explained if her Mum thinks that is ok then you just have to let them get on with it. Women for some reason do not understand how important it is for little girls to feel pretty without that muck. They need to be confident in their own skin so when they grow up they do not plaster their face like a clown and attract all the wrong people, the way we have. How proud I am that my little girl is different and know that one day she will meet someone that will be forced to respect her as a human being because she will act and dress the way a lady should. I know if all these religious groups truly cared about all children they would be sorting the Internet out, but they don't. God is so disappointed with you all because you wait for him to change the world, instead of teaming up and fighting verbally as a group of people to force change. We are capable of anything. But sadly too lazy that is why you blame God for things. Remember we were put on this earth with free will and look how man has destroyed it! It is never too late. Make that change and yes their are good men, but there are more bad! My friend used to go to Church, her house burnt down and not one person tried to help her! Too busy trying to get everyone to join their gang because they believe it is the right one. Bit like sports really! If only they tried to protect our little girls from all the bad things that are happening all over the world! Then I would respect them. But sadly they have all let us down!

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