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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Daddy made us fried breakfast

Daddy made us fried breakfast this morning. It was amazing. In the eleven years we have been together he has only cooked me two meals when I was pregnant. So this breakfast was very special indeed. And it taught our daughter just how much he loves us. Family is everything, it makes you feel safe and secure. People can change, you just have to learn to love others more than yourself and put your kids first! And of course see where the world is going wrong and change it. Western Culture will change with a little bit of Mummy's help!


He has still not mastered the art of finding the washing basket, but making the breakfast, I am well impressed. And tonight I am really spoilt as he is going to make us dinner. I hate cooking so this is total bliss. Now it is time to do the homework, seriously homework for little kids? And then we can enjoy the rest of the day as a family!

Here is Little Snowflakes Daddy singing. She has a beautiful voice just like him.

Christmas song. School competition. A family thing!

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