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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Education has failed Britain new exams

Education has failed Britain yet again with new exams for our children! Leaving the GCSE behind for harder exams! What a great way for the rich to take further control over the poor. After all if their child has a bad memory or dyslexia they can afford to hire a private tutor where as the rest go without. Five years in business has taught me just how cold hearted and mean rich people can be! Control freaks! If poor people woke up and realised, hang on we pay the Government, so therefore we are employing them to work for us and have a say over how our world is run then we would have a more equal playing field. Problem is most people cannot be bothered and even though they live a hard life they do nothing to change their children's future by fighting verbally for something better than they had to endure. So lets take a look at the rich!


Educated people act better than those who are not educated, right? Wrong! Good old Kate Middleton an educated lady who wanted to be a Princess. So unlike Cinderella her friend set to work on her skirt, which she wore as a dress. And this is the outcome. One dress that shows the Prince everything. So who needs a first date! And we wonder why their are so many unwanted children in our world, thanks to the lack of good old fashioned role models that teach family values!

Lets take a look at Cinderella, every little girls dream. So now is Kate Middleton the Princess they want to be and is that why they are wearing nail varnish and make-up at such a young age? Children and women follow people in the media like lost sheep. Most for some reason have no mind of their own and do not want to be different to anyone else. They will not have anything bad said about good old Kate that lives the life of luxury. And quite honesty she makes them feel like one of them. Most British Women in the UK are not acting the way they should when it comes to being a good role model for our little girls! And I have to question their education. Is it not common sense that with all the absent fathers in the world and children giving birth to children that we need good family role models with proper family values so we can change the way young girls and women act? If Kate Middleton's education is what Britain sees as normal then I am glad I am uneducated with morals!


The rich Government are talking about cutting benefits again. Nice to see they love children and want to do all they can for them. The Bonkers British follow the Royals with such loyalty. If only they had the same morals for our poor children and struggling mothers worldwide. What can you say, zoom me up Scotty and get us the hell out of here as we are totally surrounded by aliens that are acting like bad teens!

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