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Monday, 17 September 2012

European vision parents need to care!

European vision, parents need to care and do something to change their children's future.


My partner told my new friend that I was very political. I am not at all political I just care about my little girls future and that is why I fight to change things that are wrong and need sorting out for our kids to have a better life than our own! It is common sense that family values need to come back for our kids sake!

We need to understand why we are in a mess and sadly family values are not taken seriously enough! If all men respected women and children then we would have less absent fathers! Imagine having to support who knows how many single Mothers because some fathers are not stepping up to the mark. And we need to stop children from having children! No more 16 year old's and younger having kids as they are not grown up enough to cope! The tax payer gets the bill here in the UK, not sure how that fits in with Europe but our world does need to work together better. There are businesses that make so much money it is not even funny and they just do not seem to like to share. My lovely bank for one charging struggling Mothers like me over 14% for a loan when we are in a financial mess as it is. Hardly a fair system!  And these people are not thinking about our children! The rich get the cheaper loans whilst the poor drown in debt through greed! Time to stop being greedy and selfish and start sharing and caring!


I have spent five years on line and sadly not met one true team player. Mothers groups are too plastic for me as they simply do not do anything to change children's lives. It is more for the upper crust type of person that does not have a clue what it is like to struggle. As long as they are earning from the adverts who cares ah! Well I hope to change all that with a CRB check website for struggling mothers around the world. A place where children can shine in safety. Even make their own Top of the pops, which is child friendly, imagine that! And a place where Mothers can earn from home with the support from other caring mothers. Caring mothers!!!! We need to stop being selfish Mum's and learn to share too! Church people put shame on God! How can church people let a Mothers house burn down and not do anything to help her. Totally plastic. And you show me one church that helps struggling mothers all around the world, just one! What we need is our own Internet Church, one that says God does not expect you to pay to be a good person, all you have to do is care about other people and make that change by helping someone have a better life. Sharing is caring!

Will I win this competition? I cannot see it happening simply because of how badly men in business have treated me, and how they have no respect for women. But that does not mean I have to give up, at least I tried. And I am moving forward thanks to Google and their support allowing me to shine! Google is amazing. And I cannot thank them enough for giving me this blog and allowing adverts to earn money from home! I don't give up easily, five years of hell on the Internet and I am still fighting because my daughters future has to be better than my own. I want her to grow up, have children with a man that respects her as a human being and have true family values. Enjoying her time with her children with no financial stress etc.

Men and women are stuck in this Western Culture that degrades women and basically destroys family values. We stop women from making us look cheap and silly and then men will respect us and our family life will flourish the way beautiful flowers do. Having a Mother and Father in a child's life is the most important thing in the world!

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