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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Heels for little girls

Heels for little girls "forget about it!" Little Snowflake does not need high heels, make-up or nail varnish because she is just a little girl and happy the way she is. Thank goodness she knows who she is and does not follow the sheep at school by copying all the other little girls by wearing things that are meant for grown ups and not children. How sad! When we went to the recent school disco I was shocked at what some of the little girls were wearing. It was a miracle one little girl did not break her neck as the high heals she was wearing were higher than the ones I used to wear when I was in my 20's. No wonder their are so many teenage pregnancies as our culture is teaching them to act like a grown up and not a child! Good for you Little Snowflake you be different to all the other Western little girls because you do not need that rubbish! And hopefully you will follow Mummy's advice and enjoy your youth with your friends before settling down and being all grown up! Because believe me washing up three times a day is boring and dull. Much more fun making mud pies, but how can little girls make mud pies when they have painted nails?

Here is what Little Snowflake thinks of these silly high heels. Mummy did  not buy these awful shoes, lets see just how many parents try and buy them on Ebay? Keep watching!

I have learnt one thing from my own youth and that is it is better to be natural and yourself than some Barbie doll! Dress for respect!
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