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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Little Snowflake t-shirt designs

Little girl, Little Snowflake and I went through all her old t-shirt designs, other clothes and toys as we want to clear the house, get it done up and move back to Weymouth to be closer to family and old friends. I don't know if the little girls t-shit designs would sell on Ebay this time of year? They are more summer t-shirts. I adore her little T-shirt designs. Some of them I outlined with gold/silver paint. They are hand wash only. Have been thinking about getting some printed but think we would be better off when I can afford to get a shop back on my website or sponsorship for the CRB check website for families. Child friendly!

Here is Little Snowflake talking about her t-shirt designs for little girls!

The cute little turquoise t-shirt with the flying unicorn is the first t-shirt we created and the one she wore in her very first You Tube video on how to make a clown mask. You gotta cut, cut, cut!

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of Little Snowflakes T-shirt designs. Of course I think they are cute as Mummy is her biggest fan!

Re adverts on my blog I hope they are all family friendly and relate to my topics! If they are not please report to Google for me, thank you!

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