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Monday, 17 September 2012

Men can change! Mine has!

Men can change, mine has! Yesterday my daughters father cooked us breakfast and dinner. It was amazing. I felt terribly spoilt as we have been together for over 11 years, I think? And in that time he has only cooked for me once or twice when I was pregnant. Long time ago! So thanks honey for proving that men can change! Thank you also for being a good father which is their for his daughter and has surfed the stormy waters without jumping ships. Family is everything to a child, and it is so lovely to see her so confident and happy. "I love you Mummy, I love you Daddy!" Is something our little girl says all day and night. Life is not easy with low wages and high costs of living. The big people at the top have no idea the pain some families go through and even when they do they turn their back as they have no hearts!


Family values are so important as they create great children who turn into kind grown ups. Five years on the Internet has taught me just how plastic our world is. Compassion does not exist any more. Women need to start thinking about being role models for little girls and stop acting and behaving the way they do. Especially on X-Factor it is just embarrassing. I have to tell my little girl "this is not the way women should behave they obviously do not have a good mother role model!" If they did their Mothers would tell them "Sweetie you have a wonderful voice, sell that and nothing else!" This is what we need to bring respect back into our family lives and keep our children happy with having Mummy and Daddy together. Good fathers I want you to stand up for your daughters and change our Western Culture and protect them from bad men. 

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