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Friday, 21 September 2012

Mummy stop blogging you will

Mummy stop blogging you will wear the new keyboard out. Please don't wear this keyboard out Mummy as I could not read the letters on the other one and had to ask for help all the time. How many times does your child tell you they love you? My little girl never stops and I am so happy that she has a Mummy and Daddy that have not given up on family life because of poor salaries and greedy, selfish people.

When life keeps trying to knock you down you have to keep getting up for your child's sake. They need to look back and say "Mother all though life was made so very difficult for you by some very selfish men, you never gave up and kept fighting, I love you for being a good Mummy and for putting me first!" That means more to me than any money in the world. I have learnt that I had to change as a person and become the person I am today so my little girl can have a better and happier life than my own. Goodbye Western Culture and hallo True old fashioned family values, children first! I so hope I can be the one to offer a helping hand to other struggling mothers so they can earn from home with mothers support who really care about all our children as this is the world that will survive and live on for future generations.

Sometimes we are taken on a different path and need to feel much pain so we can understand the pain and suffering of others. As then only we can make that change. As money has not blinded us!

I cannot get over how some men are allowed to treat women in business and why women degrade us in such a way making our little girls lives so very difficult. Women and Men must change and put our children first.

Mummy blogs for a better life for her child! So blog away Mummy, blog away!

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