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Friday, 21 September 2012

What makes a good Mother

What makes a good Mother? Someone that sweeps problems under the carpet or stands up and fights for change for her daughters future? Do you fight for change? In the UK I am just shocked at how many mothers just accept their sorry lives for the way it is. And how they idolise all the wrong people. Why idolise Kate Middleton?

Would you seriously encourage our daughter to create a see-through dress because this is the only way to find love, because men only see us as walking pieces of meat with no brains or emotions? Think about it!

I am obviously from a totally different planet to anyone else as I believe little girls need true role models and the media has a heavy influence over their behaviour. That is why we have so many children giving birth to children. And absent fathers. Question is why is no one doing anything about it? Where are all the parents that really care about their daughters and fight for things to change so they have a chance at meeting someone later in life that respects them as a human being, without going to the extremes of Kate Middleton! Problem is there are too many parents accessing things that are not family friendly and we wonder why Family values no longer exist!

Does Kate Middleton care about any of our children? No of course not. The Queen of England would not even help me save our school field. All I asked from her was some of her baby photos to turn into little fairy art pieces. She could have helped sell these and raise the money with all her galleries and power. But no, rich people have more power when they say that word "NO." They like to see us suffer because it gives them status. Anyway here are some details of control freak men in power and how they love to put Mothers down.

No pain no gain. I refuse to give into men bullies and here is my story as a struggling Mother. I am shocked that there are no Mothers in our world that seem to care about all our children and do something positive by creating a team of Mothers that care and force change. Everyone thinks that children are ok in the UK but they are not! So many struggling Mothers and no one speaks out, except me! To accept this sorry existence is to say darling daughter I love you but I just cannot be bothered to fight to change your future so you have a better one than I as I need to paint my nails!

Mothers mind map for a better future for all our children. Sadly I have not met any Mother team players in the five years on the Internet.

Contact: Sharon J. Bainbridge English Flower alien Mother with a dream so big, I may have to find another planet! https://plus.google.com/104251289011091479681 SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE: http://www.facebook.com/people/Sharon-J-Bainbridge www.butterflylullaby.co.uk, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

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