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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Women stop acting like men!

Women stop acting like men! Seriously we are meant to be role models for our little girls and from where I am sitting most of you have gone totally BONKERS! Being British does not mean you have to do what everyone else is doing. And please stop sticking up for Kate Middleton when she has done something wrong. She is a Princess for crying out loud. Remember those. You know Cinderella type of thing which little girls look up to. And Mothers we need to learn from our mistakes and make sure our little girls take a better path where she will be respected as a human being and not a piece of meat. I am so angry with so many women right now and I don't care if non of you speak to me again. You have made life on earth hell! All our rights as women don't exist because of the way so many of you act, dress and behave! Our children are not proud of women, they are brainwashed by them. Nail varnish and make-up on Little Girls, have you totally lost the plot! This is for all the Mothers out their, just because Kate Middleton caught a Prince by showing more than she should, does not mean you should be teaching your little girl this sort of bad behaviour! Bring back the old fashioned Cinderella and give back our little girls their childhood without the make-up!

Western Culture and the way women are acting like men have made our life hell. It has destroyed my business and stopped me working with a famous man from children's TV. All because some women act so badly and give us a bad name. Thanks to you this little girl in the video got called a total sl-t! Yes this is how men treat us. So don't you think you owe it to our little girls to change and stop acting and dressing so trashy! Women have no chance of getting into Government because of the way they act and dress! Stop it!

 Women really need to stop being so damn selfish and think about our little girls and what their behaviour is doing to their family. Where are good, kind hearted mothers groups, helping one another to create a better life for all our children. They do not exist here in the UK that is for certain. Plastic elastic!

British women are totally alien to me, I am glad I am nothing like them and have good old fashioned values learning from my mistakes so my little girl has a better and happier life.  Go and celebrate your silly Queen the one that can't even save children's school fields and as for Kate Middleton. What sort of role model is she for our little girls? I would never dream of sunbathing in my youth in my garden on holiday etc the way she did. No wonder men do not respect us and can make us suffer financially and mentally!
Say your prayers, because if you believe in God at all, he is going to question why you prayed all the time and did not do a damn thing to make sure our little girls had a better life. Don't say I did not warn you. Look forward to you getting a good old telling off!

Lets leave you with our song God save our Children! And not our filthy rich Queen!

Thankfully I am not alone with my thinking, I have found one good man on You Tube that thinks exactly the same. How refreshing a man that respects good old fashioned values for women and children! Thank goodness us plebs have Google and You Tube as otherwise there would be no hope to change anything!

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