Friday, 6 June 2014

Charles Dickens you nasty man

Yesterday my daughter and I watched this documentary about Charles Dickens. I was horrified to learn that he stopped his children from seeing their mother because he no longer wanted her. This is exactly why some children and women need protecting! As soon as Charles Dickens died, his children returned to be by their mothers side. This whole thing just proves how we have to protect children and make sure they get the childhood they deserve. He was a very unhappy man!

Charles Dickens Song 

What happens when the state is responsible for acts against children's human rights?

MP John Hemming proves the UK Government is not child and family friendly!

Sabine fighting for children and family rights. Shame on the UK!

My Nan's true story as a child orphan. Yet another victim of the state. The way Social Services treated my Nan as a child is unforgivable. And to think this is still happening in 2014, it breaks my heart that children are suffering and most British People are ignoring it!


Last year I had two meetings with my MP about the lack of help and support for children and mothers. On the last meeting I knew I was totally wasting my time and energy as he did not have the same morals and family values as myself. In fact I was totally horrified to find out that he supported Student Prostitution. Imagine your MP telling you the Student Girls at your local University are old enough to be prostitutes. And also finding out that child psychologist are trained to have open minds with regards to mother prostitutes. What is wrong with this Country. Anyone with a degree should be creating jobs on the Internet so mothers can earn from home in a moral and family fashion. But then the Swansea University boasts that one student prostitute is training in LAW. Well that explains why we have secret family courts then!

My darling daughters blog

I have wasted years writing to MPs and Governments and question how much Tax Payers money is wasted on a service that clearly is not helping to protect children and family life. The more history you do the more skeletons you uncover! Will MP John Hemming reply to my daughters letter? My MP told me the Queen is above the Law! So who holds all the power?

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