Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How to Loom a Dragon Timberjack

Melody, my daughter, has been addicted to You Tube tutorials on Looming. She especially loves "HOW TO LOOM A DRAGON." This lady is extremely talented and I find it shameful that people are not giving her credit for her amazing Dragon Creations and copying her. This ladies name is Courtney Nicole and here is her You Tube video and link

I am very proud of my darling daughter, she is only 11 years old and has managed to follow Courtney's amazing Looming tutorials. Yes there have been a few tears along the way. But I have taught her to never, ever give up. She has learnt to walk away and take a break when things do not work out the way she plans and to go back to Looming when she is refreshed. Good girl Melody, I just love your Timberjack Dragon!

Here is Melody when she was much younger, riding Toothless the Dragon. My sorry attempt at making the Dragon she really wanted for Christmas. But hey she tells me "Mummy this is the best present you ever gave me, because you made it!" I am indeed the luckiest Mummy on this planet.


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