Friday, 6 June 2014

MPs drinking away Tax Payers MONEY

No wonder the UK is in a total mess. We have a bunch of wife cheating alcoholics running our country. And to top it they want to brainwash our little girls into Student Prostitution by educating them through Universities. Not to mention they protected Jimmy Savile and Ted Heath for years. Is it any wonder they are doing nothing to stop Forced Adoption for Profit. These poor kids are in serious danger in state care! When is the Tax Payer going to complain and force change? We need real people that care about children and respect family life in Government! Not a bunch of drunks with no morals or family values!

How many MPs are fighting for children and family human rights. And trying to protect innocent children from Forced Adoption for Profit. Just one out of seven hundred. It is shameful!

Did MPs protect Princess Diana? Obviously not!

Imagine all the Tax Payers money they waste. When really it should be invested in children and family.
Problem is I really don't think MPs know what real family life is! Princess Diana did not want her children to go to boarding school because she loved her children! Are MPs damaged people? I really hope MP John Hemming replies to my daughter and proves he is an MP to be proud of.

I think we all know the people responsible for our recessions. 
Question is what is the Tax Payer going to do about it?

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