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Monday, 2 June 2014

We just want to have fun

All my daughter, Melody and I want is to have fun and to live in a world that puts children and family first. I have been asking for years "Why is there no support for children and families, and I do not like the answer!"


Here is my darling daughter, Melody, and her first ever You Tube Video. I wish she could grow up in a world that really cared about all children! One thing I teach her is to "NEVER, EVER, EVER, GIVE UP!"
This video still makes me giggle "You gotta, cut, cut, cut." So cute and innocent!

Melody's bullying video, Moshi Monster style has had the most hits on my You Tube Channel. Don't you find this sad! Bullying is destroying children and family life.

Children like Melody need a nice place to shine on the Internet. A place that respects children and family life. Somewhere away from all the grooming. I adore her Muppet she designed and made.

Children make wonderful videos that are suitable for children.

Children like Melody can help other children  love reading. After all Melody hated reading in state school, so she is a true role model.

Children like Melody can inspire other children to go on and do great things.

Children like Melody are allowed to dream. And know that bullying is wrong.

Children like Melody enjoy writing letters and receiving replies from important people.

Melody wants to be a Lego Designer. She was so proud when Lego sent her a present because
they loved her Lego Songs.

Melody and children like her should get help to earn from their designs.

So why is there no support for children, mothers and families in the UK?

What sort of nightmare is this? And why were Jimmy Savile and Ted Heath protected?



All I want to do is enjoy doing art and crafts with my daughter. Having to waste my time writing to Governments and MPs really bugs me. What a waste of Tax Payers money.


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